Pros and Cons of the New Cybertruck


Matt Rosemond

The Tesla Cybertruck was very big the week it came out all over the world, many people made fun of it at first because of the way it looked. It is very abnormal and some would say that it looks like a child’s drawing. There is more than meets the eye though, the truck has the most technology in a truck ever. It can drive itself on the highway and you don’t even have to park it, it can also hit 0-60 in a little under 3 seconds.

Production is not even going to happen until late 2021 but you can still order them and make your own configurations to the truck. When the truck first came out and everyone saw the design of it everyone started to make fun of the shape and how weird it looked. They even had a demo for it, they said the windows were indestructible, the demo people threw a baseball at the window and it shattered it was not a very good look for Tesla at all.

On December 7th Elon Musk the owner and CEO of Tesla was driving his new truck around the city of Malibu looking for a place to eat dinner when he hit a traffic pylon. A bystander who was waiting to cross the street filmed it, it made the truck look very stupid as it sped away but it was funny to everyone else. It made the vehicle look very elementary considering that it’s so decked out in tech and the main goal of the technology in it is for it to not hit anything. Musk didn’t say anything about the incident and Tesla hasn’t issued any statements either. Supposedly the truck has a great deal of blindspots due to its weird shape as well.