December 23rd School Day

December 23rd School Day

Brianna Iandoli

Although attending school the day before a majority of TMHS students’ favorite holiday isn’t the ideal situation, staff at school will ensure that the day will be fun-filled and exciting. Last year, there was a First Annual Ping Pong tournament held in the gymnasium, for both teachers and students, on the half day before winter break. However, since it is a full day this year, faculty decided that they would improve the entertainment for the day, creating new competitions. The new additions are being kept on the “down low” until a final decision is decided upon, but for now, I will be asking some questions about the details of the last school day of the decade.

First, I interviewed Mrs. Julia Fabiano, better known as “Ms. Fab,” who attained some insightful information on the day full of competitions, informing me that there was going to be ping pong, board games, and other fun activities, as not everyone enjoys playing ping pong. Last year, many people were not pleased with ping pong being the only option on the table for the whole day before winter break, so it is relieving to know that there will be other, more inclusive options, allowing all students and faculty to enjoy their day.

Next, I interviewed Ms. Nicole LaPierre, who also goes by “Lap,” and Ms. Heather Ware. Ms. Ware and Lap informed me that there will be “various enrichment activities for all interests,” such as coloring, cornhole, making and eating cookies and gingerbread, and open mic. There will be various activities that meet all students’ needs and wants, ensuring them of an enjoyable time here at TMHS, on the day before winter break. Lap even stated that it will be “the most fun you have ever had at school, and there is a great lineup for the [day].” Lap then suggested that I should interview one of the vice principals, Mr. Sean O’Leary, as he is the primary leader of the event, to receive better quality information.

Mr. O’Leary informed me that on December 23rd, TMHS will indeed be hosting a fun-filled day compiled of numerous competitions. He confirmed that what Ms. Fab, Lap, and Ms. Ware described were all planning on happening, with an addition to the details of open mic. He explained that open mic will consist of singing, comedy, poetry, or anything else that a student or faculty wants to read, as long as it is appropriate, of course. Although students do not have to participate, it is highly recommended to do so, as it is going to be a very fun day, and it is a very simple process of choosing an activity; simply putting your name under the category to sign up.

Because the day before Christmas Eve is a full school day, the plan was to have all classes meet (A through G block) for the first half of the day, and end the day with the activities planned. That means that classes will most likely be very shortened, leaving little to no time to complete a lot of school work, which is a good and bad aspect of the day, and each to your own, but O’Leary and others’ goals were to let students relax more than they have in the past before breaks. It is going to be a very fun day on December 23rd here at TMHS, and I am very excited to see what it brings, as well as if it will continue on for years to come, and I have no doubt that it will be a huge success.