“Maa, Call the Cops or the ASPCA or Something!”


Jack O'Neill

Residents in a quiet Alaskan suburb were treated to quite the spectacle outside of their houses recently. Coming out of nowhere, two moose went head to head and started fighting right in front of their eyes. It is not uncommon for them to start fighting, but to happen in populated neighborhood, is very rare. The man recording the video added in some great commentary, making it go insanely viral.

Moose are extremely large animals to be going at each other. An Alaskan bull moose, which is most likely the strain, is an average of around 1,500 lbs. Along with their weight, they stand anywhere from 6 to 7 feet tall and around 10 feet long, making a collision between the two of them comparable to a car crash. Both of the moose in the video were equipped with antlers proving that they were males as females never end up getting them themselves. Antlers play a major role in their status amongst each other with some of them reaching 6 feet in length and 40 lbs of weight. When used in this instance, they can deal deadly blows to others.

When moose do choose to fight one another, it is not as harmful or brutal as somebody with an outside perspective might expect. The antlers are not actually used for stabbing each other, but rather as a way to push against the other one and see who is stronger. The point of the fights is usually to garner territory or attract females, which for the most part comes with the territory. Going head to head is a way of proving dominance, and one clearly instilled his will over the other.

An occurrence like this happens very rarely in populated neighborhoods, and to get it on video is astonishing. The man behind the camera added in some great commentary along with it, causing it to blast all over the web. Bystanders should definitely stay clear when this happens, as you never know where they could end up taking each other. Moose are some gigantic animals, and them going head to head is a scary sight.