Black Lives Matter Protests


Madison Frelix

The Black/ African- American community has been protesting for equality or equal standing with racist white supremacy groups along with police departments. More people have joined BLM protests to end police brutality, in places such as Los Angeles, Wisconsin, and St. Louis protests continue.

Resulting from the death of George Floyd, the riots and protests kicked off in May of 2020. After police officers of Minneapolis brutally murdered an innocent African American male, the black community and many other supporters took the initiative to protest demanding justice. Finally, after many many years of being racially profiled, abused, and degraded the black community decided to have their voices heard, which resulted in protests having a deeper meaning than just the killing of an innocent black man. But even more so, being freed from all racial injustices and stereotypes that are imprinted onto the African American community.

There have reportedly been even more protests all around the country that have been said to become “violent” and unethical. In an article by TMZ called, “ Trump Supporter Throws Punches at BLM Protestors” it displays one of the many violent acts by non protestors that have resulted in violent protests. Innocent BLM supporters were being harassed by a Trump supporter who tore up their signs, flipped over their table and eventually began to fight them. After the fight continued for over 5 minutes police had to interfere to break it up. The lack of understanding that some people may have over the importance of these riots and protests is very concerning especially in the times that we’re in.

BLM protests are about fighting for equality and justice over the same issues and forced situations that Black African-Americans have to face everyday. It’s unfair that certain groups are denied their rights because of the color of their skin, even after it being 400 years since slavery and 50 plus years since the beginning of segregation. After all the time and effort that Black ancestors have spent to have equal footing as the white community, it’s disappointing to see that even after 50 plus years the fight is still not over and racism is still a suffocating problem in America.

These protests have had a huge impact on this country as a whole. More people have joined the protests and refuse to give up until George Floyd’s murderer was put behind bars, however more BLM supporters are being harassed or falling victim to violence held against them. The riots have sent a message that this generation will NOT tolerate the injustice that African Americans ancestors were forced to tolerate and they will be heard.