How The 2020 Celtics Have More Pros Than Cons

How The 2020 Celtics Have More Pros Than Cons

Cole Duffett

As the DisneyWorld bubble closes and the Los Angeles Lakers emerge as champions, most Boston Celtics fans can only feel the harsh downsides as the Lakers tie the league-leading 17 franchise titles and how the Boston Celtics had lost to the 5 seed, Miami Heat, as most Celtics fans believed the team this year had a legitimate shot against the Lakers and definitely against the Heat. Although the Celtics were outplayed by a team with an obvious amount of less talent and were merely outplayed and out-coached in that series, they were able to bring it to six games and make each game close.

While the entire season and how it unraveled was the most unexpected outcome, the Celtics series loss to the Heat was quite unexpected from most Boston fans. However, as fans, we have much more to look forward to because most of the issues in the bubble were short terms like chemistry and game planning, and

the future is bright for next season and many more seasons to come. Some of my huge takeaways from this season are Jayson Tatum’s huge boost in offensive performance, averaging 23 points per game in the entire season compared to his 16 last season. Also, in the bubble, the Celtics have rated the second-highest team in defensive efficiency boosted by the first team all-defense member, Marcus Smart. It is now solidified that the Celtics have a “big three” with Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Kemba Walker and expected contributions from players like Hayward and Smart. The Celtics also hold the 14th, 26th, 30th, and 47th picks in this years’ draft, having a lot to look forward to.

As the Celtics were knocked out, there was a lot of hysteria around the team and how their issues seemed “long term” and “detrimental,” and that a huge blockbuster trade for another productive player was deemed necessary. I believe that blowing this team up now would only make the team’s record worse next season and they need to invest in that young core of Tatum and Brown and use their picks wisely, maybe even trade one or two.

Many pessimistic Celtics fans are listening to the media as well, only seeing the very few obvious downsides such as the dire need for a productive big man and the need to attack the rim more. The entire season it seemed so many fans thought that this young Celtics team would make it to the ECF or beyond, but as the bubble unfolded I saw many push the idea that the team was easily a title contender, especially after beating Philadelphia in four games. As the offseason has arrived, many of these fixable problems on the team can be fixed and I believe this team will prove most wrong again in 2021.

As I reflect on the entire season, I am enthused to see what the future holds for this young, extremely talented, and well-coached team, by Brad Stevens, through the years, and I think the jump in stats for Tatum is only the beginning of a new decade for the Boston Celtics. After a debatable entire regular season though and an outstanding bubble performance, it seems Vegas insiders are agreeing with the potential in this team, giving them the 4th best odds to win it all in 2021 at +1200 only behind the Lakers, Clippers, and Bucks. My expectations for the Boston Celtics are at an all-time high and the sky’s the limit after this offseason.