Politics In Schools


John Regolino

Undoubtedly, our country’s political climate is heated – and this includes our High School. These days, political debate at TMHS is growing steadily over the issues at hand. President Trump, Joe Biden, Republican, Democrat – just about every problem in our country. Many people aren’t happy about the division or the increased use of political discussion. Luckily, for the most part, we remain united at our school.

As we get older, we are starting to develop our ideas and political philosophies that may differ from our parents. And, naturally, we want to voice these opinions. It is an increasing trend in our school. Especially on social media, there is a much-increased amount of political posts, tweets, and re-posts from students who are trying to voice their opinions. Even teachers are engaging more with students in political discussions, which I have not seen up until this year. Some argue this is a good thing while others are completely against it.

On Instagram just today, I saw two re-posts from students in our school who I will keep anonymous. One was a post depicting one of President Trump’s tweets, with words crossed out and new ones written above, changing the meaning of it to make it sound in their mind more truthful. On the other side of the aisle, another student re-posted a picture of a sign that reads “democrats for Trump.” There is great interest on both sides of the student political aisle.

There are multiple angles people could take in school politics. Many students at TMHS are happy that there is more political discussion at our school, while many who are uninterested in politics are increasingly annoyed. The good news is that people who agree with each other are coming together and bonding. Bad news is friendships are being destroyed for people with conflicting opinions. There are a few reasons for this growing political interest. Many of the events happening in our country are affecting high school-aged students directly, more than ever.

Increasing political interest in our high school world is something we are all going to have to adapt to, especially those who are not in favor of it. Interest is at an all-time high for students and debate is at every corner. The election is right around the corner, and as we near it, there will be more and more instances of political discussion and debate at TMHS.