Dodgers & The World Series

Andrew Timmons

Almost a week ago, following the World Series victory by the Los Angeles Dodgers, Justin Turner the third baseman made a choice to go back out onto the field after testing positive for coronavirus in the 7th inning. This was a very controversial move to pull in the middle of a pandemic. The media had a very mixed view on this, because he has worked his whole life for a World Series title.

The Dodgers have been on a hunt for a World Series trophy as they have led their division for the last 8 years, and had made the World Series for the past 2 years only to end up losing. The last time they won it all was in 1988. They have been looking for this title for the past 32 years. They finally found it this year, against their opponents the Rays.

When Turner was taken out of the game he did not look too happy about it. Everyone on social media felt bad for him, because this was one of the biggest games in his life and he had to leave right at the end. Lucky for him though, because his team ended up pulling off the win, and securing the World Series. Then out of nowhere you see him making his way out on the field to go and celebrate with his team. This caught the whole nation off guard. No one was expecting to see someone with coronavirus be allowed to walk back on the field.

His decision really stirred people’s opinions. It was almost half and half on twitter. I saw many people saying that his choice was justified, and that if they were in his position they would do the same. On the other side of it, many people were very angry about the fact he was putting his teammates and the other people on the field too during the celebration.

Both sides of the fans have their points, but the MLB decided not to punish him for it. Their decision is all that really matters now. Turner dodged a suspension and got to celebrate the world series with his team, I’m sure he is very happy right now.