Chaos At The Capitol


Liam McDermott

January 6, 2021 will be a day to remember in American history. It was a day in which President-Elect Joe Biden’s win in the 2020 Presidential Election was going and was confirmed. Biden’s win was not confirmed as early as they would have liked it to be because of rioters who entered the Capitol, but Congress reconvened later that night and officially certified Biden as the winner.

Let’s travel back in time a little bit on that day to around noon when Trump was having a rally at the white house. He told his supporters to go down to the capitol and that he would “march with them” At about 1PM, they started to walk down to the capitol. At first the protest seemed like it

was going to be peaceful, but that most certainly was not the case. At about 2PM, Trump’s supporters reached the steps of the capitol building. Then at about 2:30 PM, the first supporters broke into the capitol building. At this point, the certification process stopped and both the House and the Senate were placed on lockdown. For the next three and a half hours, the rioters roomed free around the capitol. At around 6:00PM, the curfew went into effect and the rioters started to disperse from the capitol building.

The capitol building was a huge mess after all this. Nancy Pelosi’s office was smashed and her lectern was stolen. A guy even sat in Pelosi’s chair! Sadly, a Confederate flag hentered the Capitol for the first time that day.

In the end, some senators and Representatives have now tested positive for COVID-19 due to the rioters not wearing masks, meshing both crisisis into one. Trump has now been Impeached for his actions that day and has lost a lot of support. Now National Guard members from across the country guard Washington from further protest.