The Storming of The Capitol

Kelsey Parr

Over the last 4 years, our nation has become more divided with every action of our leader. Each party has become more corrupt during this last term. People from both sides disrespect the other, and compete, when really the country is fighting for the same thing. The people. Just as 2020 came to a close, and everyone was trying to have a fresh start, the events of Wednesday, January 6th shocked the country. As footage rolled out of Trump supporters storming the capitol, the disgrace and embarrassment flowed throughout America. Just after the people elected a new president, and the results were being certified, supporters stormed the capitol because they didn’t win. Seeing the coverage on all different news outlets and the photos of inside, it seemed like I was witnessing a first grader throw a tantrum because they didn’t get to be line leader.

Donald Trump planned for his supporters to hold a “protest” outside of the capitol on the day that the election results would be finalized, making him lose. And as we know, Donald Trump does not accept anything against him. He was in charge of making sure these people didn’t create any violence, capitol security, and deploying the national guard if needed. But of course, he didn’t do any of the above. He chose to let his supporters not only incite violence, but at and in a government building while the house and senate were inside. The senators had to be in lockdown and in a room away from the rioters. Many of the rioters walked out of the capitol, without handcuffs, walking free. Seeing this, people knew that if those people had been black they wouldn’t have even been able to get in. With this, the country and government proved to its people that they were in fact racist.

No violence should ever be condemned, including the Black Lives Matter protests from the past summer. But, there is a difference between what you are “fighting” for. The Black Lives Matter movement fights for justice for people of color who are unlawfully killed and years of inequality. Now, I think they could’ve prevented using violence and especially that much, but their reason was much different. The reason why the capitol building was rioted was because that party’s candidate did not win. Those are much different reasons for inciting violence, and one especially being by a politician. I believe that because America is a democracy, people have the right to double check the results and make sure they are valid, but when it gets to the point where there is manipulation and violence, I think our democracy is in danger. Our democracy has been on the brink ever since Donald Trump came into office, and it took this long and bad, for some republicans to see how in danger our country was in.