U.S. Soccer Team Wins SHEBELIEVES Cup

The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team Won SHEBELIEVES Cup, and are Considered the Team to Beat in the Women’s Soccer League.

U.S. Soccer Team Wins SHEBELIEVES Cup

Megan Boudreau

For the week of February 18th to February 24th, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team hosted and won the annual SHEBELIEVES tournament at Exploria Stadium in Orlando, Florida. The SHEBELIEVES tournament consists of 4 different international teams all fighting for the winning cup. The 4 teams that participated in the tournament were the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina. The tournament consists of 6 games, and the winning team is determined by who won the most games. Tie breakers would come down to who scored the most points in the tournament, but this year was not a tie breaker. The US won the tournament with a clean sweep of 3-0, making this the second consecutive year they have won the tournament.

The first game they played was on February 18th, where they played Canada. The game kicked off at 7:05 pm, and was an overall even match. At the 79 minute mark, Rosa Lavelle scored the first and only goal for the US, with an assist from Lindsey Horan. This put the US in the lead, which eventually led to them winning the game 1-0.

For the United States second game, they played Brazil on February 21st. The game started off strong with a goal from Christine Press at the 11 minutes mark, and another assist from Lindsey Horan. The game was pretty evenly matched, with Brazil having many chances to score and tie the game, but they never were able to follow through. At the very end of the match, at the 88 minute mark, Megan Rapinoe scored another goal for the US with an assist from Lindsey Horan. That goal sealed the deal for the US and secured their win against Brazil 2-0.

The very last game of the tournament would decide who the winner of the tournament would be, and the US played Argentina on February 24th. It was very clear in the first 30 minutes that the US were going to be dominating the game, and they did. The US scored two quick goals from Megan Rapinoe at the 16 and 26 minute mark. Then another quick two at the 35 and 41 minute mark from Carli Lloyd and Kristie Mewis. The US then finished off the game strong with another set of two quick goals at the 84 and 88 minute mark from Alex Morgan and Christen Press, leaving no chance for Argentina to come back. The final score was 6-0 with the US in the lead. The US winning this game meant they won the SHEBELIEVES tournament.

The US team played a great three games with great team chemistry, to no one’s surprise. The US has been dominating the Women’s National soccer league for many years. They have had many successes in just a little amount of time. They won the SHEBELIEVES cup 2020, they won the Olympic qualifiers for the Summer Olympics 2021, and they won the World Cup in 2019. They are considered the team to beat in the Summer Olympics coming up this year, considering the are ranked #1 best women’s soccer team in the world by FIFA. They have scored the most goals over any other team in the world. It is also expected that the US team will place high in the 2023 World Cup, even if it is two years away. They have a strong roster that does not seem to be changing.

Women’s sports do not get talked about enough in the media, and women’s soccer is seeming to be the sport that gets talked about the least. The US Women’s Soccer team is the best in the world, and they do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The team has had a great last few years, and will continue to do great things in the future. It is nice when the media recognizes how great of a team they actually are, and all of the accomplishments they have accomplished over the past few years.