Football During Covid


Nick Wilson

Having started on February 22, The Tewksbury Redmen Football Team started their football season. We are practicing on the turf field right next to TMHS. There are many precautions that each and every player must go through due to COVID. Everyone complies willingly to be able to play the sport they love.

The precautions we must take are extensive and substantially different for veteran players. The first main difference is that there is no field house, therefore we must get dressed in the parking lot. Another big difference is that the players are all split up; previously the freshman all together and then everyone else. Now the team has freshmen together, then all of junior varsity, and lastly all of varsity. When walking into practice you must have a mask. While passing the gate all players must get their temperature checked to be able to practice.

There are also things we need to do during practice and during games. For example we have our masks on under our helmets. We are spread out while in drills. cannot be all on top of each other in the huddle and much more. Many people say why? Why do all of this just to play 7 games? Anyone on the team will answer the same thing: because they love the sport and will do anything to play. Especially the seniors.

Senior Owen Rego says ”it’s a hard season but i’m prepared to do anything to be able to play. It’s a lot to go through but it’s worth it to be safe and to be able to play”. Senior captain Kyle Darrigo says “It sucks not being a normal season especially being a senior, but at least we get to play. It’s very different, we are all separated and distant, but the team still unifies and makes each other better. During a pandemic there is not much you can do but as a team we try to pick each other up and get in all of the hard work.”

The season is going good so far, the Redmen have had nothing but hard working kids doing all they can to be safe and have fun. We are all willing to do whatever it takes in order to have a season. 7 games doesn’t seem like much but luckily it’s better than doing nothing at all.