Grey’s Mental Anatomy

Grey’s Mental Anatomy

Isabel Celata

Grey’s Anatomy​ (spoilers ahead) is tv’s top medical drama series, going at 17 seasons. The show has been praised since its premiere in 2005. The show has been nominated, for each actor combined, over 150 times, by 18 different awards. The show has been known to tackle difficult issues, from domestic abuse to racism, mass shooting, and especially mental health. With the shows running, the mention of OCD, depression, suicidal thoughts, addiction, and many more are not just thrown under the table, but presented for everyone to see.

Writer Shonda Rhimes explained in many interviews the stigma around health and misconceptions. Rhimes wanted to “break the barriers” around mental health, and leave people not afraid to talk about it. “Perfection is overrated”, she says in an interview with Today. Shonda continues to explain how we need to change our views on life, and how we perceive people.

Meredith Grey, the lead, herself has dealt with mental health problems. From suicidal thoughts to tragically losing her husband, Grey has seen it all. Grey has been through a whirlwind of tragedies, and you see her and her friends struggle with the aftermaths. Along with her colleagues who dealt with the troubles of their own, the show goes in-depth about what mental illness can do to a person. But is it accurate to real life?

When asking a fellow ​Grey’s ​fan about the portrayal of mental health, they responded with a time they felt the show spoke to them. They wish to remain anonymous. “I’ve been through a trauma, PTSD is no joke. When you see Christina Yang drop to the floor of the OR (after the mass shooting taking place, 7×2) you can’t help but grieve with her. And when George O’Malley dies (5×24), the trauma you feel with them. It’s all real, the emotions, the fear, the grief. It is portrayed beautifully.”

Do you feel, as someone who openly has bipolar disorder, that the show effectively shows the process of development? “Yes. The way that Deluca goes into maina (16×18) is completely true. It’s slow and painful, and hard to release is happening. This show has always put mental health first, and Deluca’s storyline is no different”.

With the more developments in mental health and the effects of it, tv has an important role in showing the struggles many faces.​ Grey’s Anatomy​ has done an amazing job of including health without throwing it in your face. It is portrayed accurately, factly, and realistically. Finally showing the world the true life of those with mental illness. Along with pushing the boundaries and changing people’s perceptions of mental health.