Brady to the Bucs

Brady to the Bucs

Owen Rego

Tom Brady got traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after being with the New England Patriots for 20 years and having 6 super bowl rings with them. He got traded on March 17 and he seemed not to have a problem with his trade, he has been looking very comfortable in Tampa so far. The reason Tom Brady left the patriots was because he wanted a long term contract. But the Patriots did not want to give him one. So the main reason he left was because the two teams couldn’t agree on a multi-year contract that would allow Brady to retire with the organization.

Another reason Tom left was because he felt that the patriots coaches and staff did not appreciate him to his liking because an article on ESPN says “watched when he sat onstage with Jim Gray in 2018 and, in response to a question about whether he felt appreciated by his bosses, blurted out, “I plead the fifth!” which means he does not want to say. If he really did feel appreciated he would’ve said absolutely or ask are you kidding me and go into explaining why they are amazing coaches. How this all started is Tom Brady posted a picture on instagram with the caption saying “looking at new houses” with the thumbs up emoji. Then he announced he was moving and sold both of his houses in New England. But we all knew he was going to Tampa Bay because of the instagram post, so March 17 comes around and you see the goodbye message on his instagram and Twitter and it obviously blew up all over social media and sports media. 

There have been a lot of ups and downs with Brady’s relationship between the patriots and himself that we do not see because the media hides it. When Tom got hurt in the 2008 season he spent more time in Los Angeles rather than Foxborough as a ¨disconnect¨ from him and the team. I feel like when Brady did not play well he would be humiliated because as the greatest quarterback of all time so many people have a high set boundary for his actions. When he does not meet that standard I feel like he puts himself down and his teammates probably do the same thing because they expect more out of him.

Tom Brady is only human and he is getting very old but there are people who understood his decision because it was the best thing for him and there are other people who are just pissed off at him for leaving. Which I understand both sides but to be honest if you are a diehard Brady fan. You Would want him to be in the best place for himself, his family and his future. because what I have been hearing about and reading about is that the patriots and Brady had a very toxic relationship. 

I asked two people about what they think about Brady leaving and here are their responses. I asked them ¨How do you feel about Brady going to the Bucs. Nick Wilson said ¨As a Patriots fan it kind of pissed me off. I wish he stayed in New England, but I get it and i´m happy he got to win another super bowl with the limited time he has left in the NFL¨. Jake Kaiser said ¨I mean obviously I was upset bc I watched him pretty much my whole life and got to go to a bunch of games and super bowl parades to see/watch him. But I understood why and he gave us 20 years of winning and 6 Super Bowls so you can’t really be mad at the guy. We didn’t have any weapons for him, he was constantly taking pay cuts for weapons and Bill Belicheck wouldn’t give him what he wanted. He proved he didn’t need Belichick or the patriot way to win a championship so I’m happy for him. I hope he wins another one, always gonna be a Brady fan¨. Obviously you can see his face in both of these pictures. He is very happy to be in Tampa and he looks miserable in New England. I will always be a Brady fan and I am very happy that he is happy. TB12!!