Texas Abortion Ban


Lisa Roscillo

Multiple cities and thousands of people came together Saturday to fight against abortion bans and laws. As the recent abortion ban has made Texas a prime focus, several cities in Texas are gathering to fight against this law. In the state of Texas, abortions have been prohibited after 6 weeks. Some woman are pregnant due to rape, incest, sexual assault or just feel they aren’t in a place in their life where they’re capable of raising a child. The majority have no idea they’re pregnant till well after 6 weeks, this limits their ability to make decisions that’s best for their life.

Leader and president of Planned Parenthood, Alexis McGill Johnson, spoke out to the crowd: “Abortion is health care, basic health care, essential health care, health care that cannot wait.” Johnson is pro-choice, and educates the crowd on how abortion bans aren’t only surfacing in Texas; it is happening worldwide. Statistics show that in 47 states almost 600 restrictions have been placed on.

As Texas is the country’s second largest state, thousands of women are being limited to their decisions and being severely affected by this ban. Many find this being put in place unfair, as there are no exceptions for incest, rape, sexual abuse/violence. The justice department has also claimed the law as unconstitutional, as it violates the 14th amendment and supremacy clause. This department believes this ban has already caused devastation across the state limiting women’s choices. Some women have been so desperate to terminate their pregnancy they have traveled hundreds or thousands of miles. After all of the disagreements, Texas still claims this law is constitutional.

A resident of Texas, as well as an abortion provider, states and comes forward that he preformed an abortion after the law had taken place. He has faced several consequences and been sued by multiple people. Alan Braid claims he preformed and abortion on a woman who was currently in her first trimester, he was fully aware it was against the states new abortion limit. The provider also claims he had once seen three teen girls lose their lives due to illegal abortions, he has important women in his life and believes abortions can be an essential part to healthcare: “I have spent the past 50 years treating and helping patients. I can’t just sit back and watch us return to 1972,” Braid states.

This abortion ban has already proven to affect thousands of woman in a negative way. This is an ongoing issue causing large debates leading to protests and riots. These women are not provided the proper healthcare or given many options. Doctors are getting sued, women are being forced to carry children they don’t want, and many are having to travel to other states to receive healthcare.