OPINION: Nicki Minaj & Friends Getting a Disease Because of the Vaccine?


Aidan Leal

As Nicki Manaj says not to get the vaccine because it gave her friend a disease that makes your testis swell, Trinidad, her friend, was dumped at the altar because his testis were swollen. This headline shocked a lot of people and was considered a big headline. She said “to put people in the position of dying from a disease they don’t have to die from.”

Nicki Manaj only wants to get the shot if she feels like she has done enough research to feel safe for getting the shot. She does not want to put medicine in her body if she doesn’t know what it is. Nicki Manaj even said not to get the vaccine because you have a chance to get the same disease as her cousin’s friend. Because of Trinidad getting the disease, Nicki’s #1 goal is to stop people from getting the vaccine until she can tell it’s going to be fine.

The reason why she does not want to get the vaccine is because of Trinidad. If it were not for Trinidad she most likely would have gotten the vaccine. I believe this was true because everyone is getting the vaccine and people are telling her to get the vaccine so some peoples thought process is that she was most likely getting the vaccine. Some may not think this makes sense. This is the first time I’ve seen someone get a disease off of a shot? So this whole situation that occurred makes absolutely no sense. I did more research on this and there was no one else who got sick because of this. My thought process was maybe he had a disease before and did not notice it until he got the shot. If that was the case that would have been very unfortunate timing.

From the people who I asked they also think that he had issues before he got the shot. Someone who I asked said “This should not have happened and for this to happen could not have been because of the shot. He most likely had issues before.” In Nicki Manaj’s point of view she thinks it had to have been the shot because he just recently got it, but even if he just recently got it does not mean he had no issues before the shot.

He got the shot a bit before the wedding. Usually when you’re getting married you would plan on getting the shot before the wedding because maybe something like this would happen. But like I said there is ABSOLUTELY no way he got the shot and he ended up getting the disease. He most likely had issues before which caused him to get sick. It was just talking about how he most likely has had issues before the shot. Which means he probably just had very bad timing.