Women in Afghanistan


Isabelli Rodriguez

As the Taliban began to take over Afghanistan once again, they have been only bringing hell to Earth for their women. The country is currently one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a woman. They are still allowed to study but the Taliban claimed that women should not go to work for their own safety. School classes are segregated by gender, each classroom is divided by a silk curtain. Men on the left and women on the right. Women are now not allowed to leave their homes by themselves unless they are with a male family member. If a woman is caught outside her house without a man with them they will either be killed, or taken to prison. The most likely option is that they would be killed on site.

The Taliban leadership is warning current employed women in the country to stay indoors until they are able to train their security on how to ‘deal with women’. The social media app TikTok seems to cover a lot about the current situation in Afghanistan; I myself, have seen a video about a young woman in the country who needed to leave her home to go get something important but she was alone. She had no male family members to go with her wherever she needed to be. To try and save herself she found a little boy on the street and begged him to pretend that he was her son or else a worse situation would occur.

Women in the city of Kabul began to organize protests for their basic human rights. The Taliban seized control over the city, preventing women from attending school and their jobs. “The Taliban’s ideology is an ideology that sends us back 20 years backwards.” stated Mariza Ahmadi. She was being interviewed by local news reports on their current situation. Mariza also said that most women are trying to escape to neighboring countries so that all the years of their progress and achievements as women are not destroyed.

Hundreds of news articles are covering the story of these women. Protests, boycotts, and marches are on the rise in Afghanistan and they won’t stop at nothing until they get back the rights that they deserve. Most women are trying everything to either escape, or fight for their rights so that their future children do not have to grow up in that type of dictatorship.