NFL Playoff Bracket


Aidan Cram

This year’s playoffs have taken a big surprise on the entire NFL fan base. The patriots were 8-8 last season and missed the playoffs. However their new drafted QB mac jones has won them up to the top of the AFC division at 9-4. If they keep their 7 game win streak they will win the division and bet a first round bye. Then on the NFC side it’s a battle between the running champions Tampa bay Bucs. And the Green Bay Packers with the best record in the league. Right now the Packers are winning this race but it won’t be hard for the bucks to catch up.

Now in the AFC there is a 9-4 tie between the Patriots, Titans, and the Chiefs, going in that order 1 to 3. The Ravens come in at 4 with a record of 8-5 which is tied with the Charges at the 5th seed. Then you have the Bills and Colts at 7-6. Then in the NFC we have another 3 way tie with the Packers, Bucs, and Cardinals. Going from 1 to 3. Then we have the Cowboys at 4 and the Rams at 5th with both of their records standing at 9-4. Then the 6th seed is held by the 49ers with a 7-6 record. Then in the 7th seed the Washington Football Team is 6-7.

If the season plays out as it should the Bucs and Pats will be at the top of their conferences and the super bowl favored match up is the Pats Vs Bucks or Packers vs Chiefs. These can go in any order of variations but those are the four current teams that have the best odds. Big upsets to look out for are the Bills and Rams.

Now the teams in the bubble (teams that have a chance to get in the playoffs) in the AFC are Browns, Bengals, And Broncos. And in the NFC Vikings, Eagles, and the Saints. I think the Browns and Vikings have the best chances of winning and making the playoffs