Dawn FM: A Review


Jordan Sheehan

Once again, The Weeknd has impressed me. I always find myself obsessed everytime The Weeknd drops new music. The Weeknd, who’s real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfayehas, has released tons of music styles ranging from upbeat and makes you want to dance, to so sad there’s a good chance you’ll cry listening to it. His newest album, Dawn FM is very upbeat and has a euphoric disco and 80s R&B vibe. Dawn FM was released on January 7th, 2022, and I have been listening to it daily ever since then.

My favorite part of Dawn FM is the beats. Every song, even with sad lyrics, has an exciting beat. It is very hard to choose which songs are my favorite from the album. However, songs definitely worth a listen are; Gasoline, Take My Breath, Sacrifice, Out of Time, Here We Go… Again (feat. Tyler The Creator), Is There Someone Else, and Less Than Zero. Each song tells a story about love. Falling in love, setting boundaries with your partner, finding out your partner is cheating on you, and getting over your partner.

Dawn FM is very different from any of Abel’s other albums. His songs are usually about breaking hearts. He has released songs here and there about being in love, but never a full album. Dawn FM perfectly captures the ups and downs of a toxic relationship. The songs are beautifully worded.

The name of the album is also very significant. The beginnings and end of some songs include snippets of fake advertisements as if it were a real radio station. The songs flow like they do when you listen to the radio. Sometimes at the end it’s “crackly” as if the radio’s connection isn’t good. When I listen to the album, I picture a heartbroken individual driving home after leaving a toxic relationship.They listen to Dawn FM as they drive home lonely in the rain.

The Weeknd did a great job with his newest project. I had very high expectations and he definitely exceeded them. I would 10/10 recommend listening to Dawn FM. I think just listening to the album is an experience in itself, and a great one.