Teacher Feature: Mr. Kirk Monbleau


Samantha Perkins and

Mr. Monbleau is a teacher and coach here at Tewksbury Memorial Highschool and has been since 2016. He has been coaching baseball for around 15 years, having played at Worcester State while studying. Things changed while in college when he took the turn from nursing to physical therapy until he made his way into education. Mr. Mobleau teaches anatomy & physiology at TMHS, the class being available for grades 10-12.

How long have you been teaching?

“I first started teaching in 2017, at the junior high in Dracut, then I was hired at TMHS in 2016. I have been teaching for seven years.”

Did you always know that you wanted to teach or is it something that popped up along the way?

“It sorta popped up when I was in college. I thought about it while I was in high school but went into college as a nursing major instead. After around a year and a half, I switched to biology. I then fooled around with physical therapy but nothing clicked. I had some friends in education and that’s what got me interested.”

Why did you choose to teach anatomy/science?

“After I switched from nursing to biology, to get on course for nursing, teaching had caught my eye. I had always had an interest in the science of the body so I decided that teaching would be for me.”

What is your favorite part of teaching anatomy?

“My favorite is the skeletal system and muscle system because of my athletic background but the nervous system is super interesting. The nervous system has always caught my attention because of how there is always something new being learned about it.”

What is your favorite memory about being a teacher at TMHS?

“It’s hard to narrow to one but every year when I come back after the summer break and feel refreshed and remember how much you enjoy seeing the students(those new & old), it is top tier. Watching students participate in activities that they actually enjoy while learning

What do you think you would have done if you didn’t choose to be a teacher?

“I think that I would have done, I don’t know. I think that I would enjoy woodworking or carpentry- some sort of trade. I’m not all that sure that I would have said that coming out of college, but I do now.”

What’s your favorite sport?


Favorite TV show?

“I love anything that has to do with the outdoors or the wilderness”

Hobbies outside of school?

“I enjoy spending time with family, things like fishing and camping. I also enjoy woodworking and exercising.

Any pets?

“I have a black lab mix named Taz. They said he was mixed with a lab/hound and he was living in Vermont when we got him. He basically looks like a small black lab.”

How long have you been coaching?

“My first coaching job was junior high baseball in 2008, but even like in college I worked with kids playing baseball, so about 15 years.”

Collegiate Baseball?
“I played college baseball at Worcester State, I was a catcher.”

If you could play baseball now on the HS team, what position would you like to play and why?

“I would probably still like to catch. I enjoy being in every play, being a leader behind the plate, setting up cutoffs, or setting up players.”

What’s your favorite memory of being a coach?

“The fact that some of the players that I have had in the past have come back just to talk or even come back to coach is amazing. They will come back to reminisce or coach alongside me. Some players came back a few years ago and asked to come run a practice with them, to the field, and I tossed them some batting practice. That team that they had played on was so close-knit and had done well that season that they came back to run a practice with me.”

Favorite part of being a HS coach?

“After the season is over, you think about the improvements players have made, the competition being involved in a tight game and still being able to pull out a win is great. It’s a reflection of not only the hard work being put in by the players but the coaching staff as well.”

What is your favorite memory of the 2022 season?

“The season started off a little rocky. We had a losing record for the first half of the year and then finished 9-2 at the end of the season. It was nice to see the players trusting one another and trusting their preparation. I was proud of them to see how they had pushed through and held faith within one another.”

Mr. Monbleau has a bright future ahead of him with baseball and his own career within the TMHS community. With a plethora of support from the student body, we hope that he can grow not only as a teacher but as a coach and person.