Review – The Umbrella Academy TV


Michael Wright

If you are a fan of mystery, sci-fi and comedy The Umbrella Academy is the show for you. This Netflix original series is basically about 7 adults who have super powers. The main concepts of science fiction in this show are time travel, super powers, alternate universes, and end of the world scenarios, which will make this show a blast to watch. Jokes, sarcasm, and awesome dance moves will make you laugh out loud. The mystery aspect of this show will make you question your life. Currently there are three seasons with a fourth one on the way. This show also includes many likable characters with unique personalities. Warning this show does have violence so this show is not suitable for everyone. You do need Netflix to watch this show.

As you know Netflix is a streaming service. Netflix costs around 20$ dollars a month or 240$ dollars a year. The Umbrella Academy was originally released on Netflix on February 15th 2019. 45 million people have watched the first season of The Umbrella Academy. 2.5 billion minutes have been watched across 30 episodes of this show. IMBd rated The Umbrella Academy a 7.9 out of 10 and Rotten Tomatoes with a rating of 86% out of 100. According to the ratings this show is a must watch.

There are seven main total protagonists. Number one or Luther Hargreeves has the power of super strength. Number two or Diego Hargreeves has the power to control metal objects. Number three or Allison Hargreeves has the power to control people’s minds. Number 4 or Klaus Hargreeves has the power to summon ghosts and contact the dead. Number 5 (he doesn’t have a name)has the power to time travel and teleport. Number six or Ben Hargreeves has the ability of an octopus. Number seven or Vanya Hargreeves has the power of music. As I said in the first paragraph there are three seasons of this show. The plot of season one is getting the gang back together. Towards the end of season one and throughout season two are about saving the world. Last but not least, season 3 is about an Umbrella Academy from an alternate universe.

In my personal opinion The Umbrella Academy is a great show. I would rate this show a 9 out of 10. My favorite characters are Luther, Klaus, 5, and Diego. Luther is funny. Klaus is sarcastic. 5 is smart, sarcastic, and overall just a likable character. Diego on the other hand is kind of stupid. Him being stupid makes him fairly funny. Diego’s main weapons are these metal knives. Since I like blades, Diego is the perfect character for me. I would rate seasons one through three in this order, Season 2, Season1, and Season 3. My favorite season is season 2. This season is my favorite because it takes place in the 60’s. I won’t tell you much more so I don’t spoil the show.

After you finish watching this show you might be wondering what else to watch. The Boys is another series with seven superheroes. This show is on Amazon Prime. The Walking Dead is a science fiction series that is also on Netflix. Marvel movies and Tv shows have science fiction and superheros included in them too. Family Guy is an animated comedy to watch. Family Guy is on Hulu. If you are looking for another mystery show to watch, The Twilight Zone is a good place to start. I hope you enjoy The Umbrella Academy and these other shows.