Kardashian Heartbreak


Jennie Lester

Everybody who follows the reality TV star, Kim Kardashian, knows that every day something is going on with her life. Recently, Kim Kardashian and major celebrity Pete Davidson had a huge breakup that shocked the whole internet. In October 2021 Kim and Pete were spotted holding hands on a roller coaster, only 8 months after Kayne and Kim broke up. People were shocked when the news spread but lots of people hopped on board with the idea of them together. The couple was together for 9 months total and were said to be very happy together but when breaking up it caused major controversy. Coming out Kim said that she “just wasn’t ready” to date and doesn’t see herself with anyone.

Everyone was confused about why the couple broke up because of all the chemistry that they had together. Although, Kim made it clear that the breakup wasn’t for the ‘lack of chemistry and the attraction between the two was ‘magnetic.’ The couple came out with the fact that there still is a huge attraction between them so it didn’t end badly, but Kim made it seem it was made clear that it was over. Pete was busy filming in Australia, while Kim was in California adding distance between them. Pete wanted Kim to stay in Australia for a long amount of time but Kim said that she wasn’t in a place in her life where that was possible. Puts a lot of pressure on them because of the upcoming jobs that Pete is receiving. One major reason that the couple isn’t together is because of where they are in their lives. Kim also has kids and moving wouldn’t be something that she could really do rate now. They had really deep serious talks about how they just couldn’t really do anything about it. A lot of fans are starting to say it was the ‘right person’s wrong time’ and many people were agreeing with that.

Jennie Lester

People started to become skeptical of the breakup thinking it was a publicity stunt. For the many reasons that they might have been doing it as a stunt, one had to do with Kim Kardashian’s sister Khloe. Khloe, pregnant, just found out about her husband cheated and decided to ‘give things another chance,’ causing people to hate on her. The rumor is that Kris, the Kardashian’s mother, put the couple together to take the attention off of Khole for not leaving her husband. Khole had her baby right before the breakup, so when the baby was born the press would focus more on the breakup. The rumor was shortly cut off after all the proof and coming out that it just wasn’t true.

Kayne West, a famous rapper, and Kim have kids together and were married for about six years and they were inseparable. After divorcing, 8 almost 9 months later Kim was in a relationship with Pete, upsetting Kayne. He then made his opinion public and went straight to social media. Twitter and Instagram were his biggest platforms for shaming the couple. Talked about Kim with her parenting style and said how the comedian, Pete Davison, would never meet his kids. He also went on to make a video that was shortly deleted after about him going to kidnap someone who resembles Pete and also making more posts and other things to do with them. By doing this Kayne made this attract even more public attraction to the couple, so when they broke up even more people were interested, including popular media news and media writers.

The breakup between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson was shocking news to everyone and with all the rumors of why they broke up. Between all the press and with lack of reasons why the breakup ‘broke the internet.’ Sources say that it looks like the couple will not be getting back together, but lots of fans are still holding out hope for them.