2022 Fall Fashion Trends


Claudia Melo and

This years fall 2022 fashion trends are new and different and nothing like we have seen before. Tho there are some items of clothing that will forever be apart of fall fashion trends this year people are styling them in ways we have not seen before. 

This years take on leather is completely different. People are in head to toe leather everything, including boots, long statement jackets, gloves, and corsets, dresses and pants. Many celebrities like the Kardashians have made a big impact on leather everything. 

Another similar item making a come back this year are statement jackets and sweaters. Also platform sneakers and shoes. Vogue reports that the baggy jeans and white tank formula will be making its yearly comeback including loafers and vests which we saw a little bit of last fall and winter. 

Some new bold accessories will be making their debut this fall. This includes western boots, bomber jackets, and eye catching staking rings. Western boots made a slight appearance in the late summer but are really making themselves known this fall. In the last year or two older Gen Z’s and young millennials have been pushing to stop fast fashion by up-cycling and thrifting clothes. In an effort to save the planet and save people some money. 

One trend seen earlier in the year were power suits and colorful suits. Many female business professionals wanted to make a strong and energetic presences in the office this year. Many of them were sick of the old and boring stereotype and wanted to make a difference in the office.