Is Metzy’s Worth the Trip?


Callie Finnegan

Are you looking for a new restaurant to try? A fun family outing? Or even a date night dinner? Metzy’s Cantina in Newburyport is worth a try. Right on the Commuter Rail stop for Newburyport, this Mexican style cantina is fun for anyone. It began as a small food truck, but with the food being so popular they were forced to expand.

When I tried this restaurant, it was about two months ago. When I walked in, the service was fast and the staff was polite. The atmosphere of the restaurant is a very small, open concept with many tables. The food was delicious and it felt almost like the food was higher class. The small cantina is famous for their burritos, hush puppies, and Cuban sandwich style tacos.

The concept of the cantina is an open room with many tables and chairs that surround them, almost making the whole restaurant feel like one. The food is Mexican cuisine with an American twist. For example, the taco that I tried here had chicken, caramelized onions, mango-habanero salsa, lettuce, chipotle sour cream and jack cheese. The onions and salsa added a unique flavor to the rest of the food. It was almost sweet, not spicy at all, and along with the chipotle sour cream, it was a very delicious mix of flavors. Although the food is on the more expensive side, a taco being five dollars, the experience is well worth it. The taco along with some chips, however, were enough to fill me.

Many people who live around the Tewksbury area are aware of the local mexican restaurant called Mexica. Many people rave about their food and their “Mexica Mondays”, where their burritos and bowls are only five dollars on Monday. Their cuisine is a very customizable menu, where they go down the line and put what you want at each station. Their food is on the less expensive side, but it is more of a take out restaurant. Metzy’s however, is more of a sit down restaurant. Although there is about a four dollar price difference in burritos, Mexica being roughly eight and Metzy’s being roughly twelve, you almost pay for the experience of sitting down.

I believe that Mexica has better food if you are looking for a quick bite, or even a take out night at home. But if you and your family want to go out, have a night out and enjoy dinner at a restaurant, then Metzy’s is better. But overall, the experience of the train passing and the atmosphere was worth the trip.