Iphone 7 Release

Iphone 7 Release

Matt Fronduto, Author

Apple. It is best known as the multi-million dollar corporation that plays an enormous role in the direction that the entire technology industry takes. Companies such as Microsoft and Samsung have tried to replicate the creativity and genius behind Apple products, and although achieving some level of success, it is not quite the same. For these reasons, every time Apple releases its latest smartphone, everyone from prestigious critics to the average joe on Twitter is anxious to not only get their hands on one, but also give their opinion. The reviews are generally positive, but after years and years of implementing new features, at what point do they become pointless and uninspiring, and merely a cheap selling point?

This past September 16th, Apple released the iPhone 7, which was intended to revolutionize the way smartphones are made. One way they tried to do this was by completely removing the headphone jack from the iPhone. This was the first time an Apple iPhone or iPod did not have this feature, and it was met with a lot of hostility. Every iPhone 7 comes with not only a pair of wireless headphones, but also an adapter called a “dongle”. As silly as the name “dongle” sounds, it allows you to keep your old headphones while still being able to listen on the iPhone 7. The biggest downside to this is that when using the dongle, the phone cannot be charging, as the adapter plugs into the same port. To make matters worse, the “AirPods”, or wireless headphones, start at $159. Overall, this seems like it could be a downgrade on the newest “revolutionary” device.

One of the features that the iPhone 7 prides itself on is its resistance to water. Initially there was speculation as to how much liquid it could withstand, but according to multiple tests by technology website “cnet.com”, the only part of the phone mildly damaged after a day in the pool was the speakers. This is an impressive addition, despite the fact that it came at the cost of the headphone jack. This change should be well received by critics and consumers. Another positive addition is the implementation of two cameras that work together to take photos of outstanding quality. The two cameras combine to remove the faults in the picture, while letting the best qualities shine. The images appear sharper, brighter, and have a certain realness that is hard to describe.The release of the iPhone 7 also marked the introduction of iOS 10, the latest operating system in Apple’s iOS series. Although it’s not exclusive to the iPhone 7, it does come standard with each one. It provides a plethora of changes including a new way to open the phone, new iMessage features and it sees many of the classic apps with a brand new designs.

When the positives and negatives are weighed, the iPhone 7 is most certainly an improvement to the 6s, but is it worth $650? That of course, depends on how much you value the aforementioned features, and how often it would be used. For the average consumer, I would not recommend the iPhone 7, unless you are in the market for a new phone. Despite the waterproof design, pristine camera quality, and brand new software program it is, in my opinion, not really worth the hundreds of dollars that Apple would like the customers to pay for it.